Video of leak stoppage with pressure by Beijing Grip Pipe Coupling


Advantages of quick mender: simple operation, no need for special professional skills, ordinary workers can operate after simple training. This is because the product has integrated a large number of fine technical parts into the finished product in a factory way. It only takes a few minutes to connect a pipe fitting, which simplifies the technical difficulty of field operation to the greatest extent, saves working hours, thus stabilizing the engineering quality and improving the working efficiency. This is also the general direction of installation technology development.

The traditional way of welding and flange connection not only needs the welding workers with corresponding skills, but also takes time, the operation of the workers is difficult, and there is the pollution of welding dust. Due to the difference of operation space and welding skills, the welding quality and appearance are difficult to achieve satisfactory results, thus affecting the overall quality of the project. As the multi-functional pipe joint mender is a finished part, the operation space required on site is small, and it can be truly installed against the wall and against the corner. The operation difficulty is greatly reduced, thus saving the floor area and beautifying the effect of pipe installation.

Post time: Jun-17-2020
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