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About product.

Beijing Grip Pipe Couplings mainly include following coupling series:

GRI-P-G  Axially restrained with double anchor rings coupling. GRIP-GF Fire proof pipe coupling. GRIP-M  The multifunctional coupling---connection and conpensator in one. GRIP-R  Pipe repair clamp ---hinged type.  GRIP-D  Double lock pipe clamp---Pipe repair with a 2 lock active sealing system coupling. GRIP-GT  Non- metal pipe coupling. GRIP-GTG  Metal and non metal pipe coupling. GRIP-RT  Pipe coupling with side outlet. GRIP-Z  Reinforced axially restrained coupling and so on. These coupling series basically meet the customer's pipe connection and repair needs.

Beijing Grip Pipe Coupling have passed sufficient test, include vibration fatigue test, pressure pulsation test, impact test, burst pressure test, pull-out test, vacuum test, fire test,high and low temperature test and so on.


Burst pressure test

vibration fatigue test

vibration fatigue test


vibration fatigue test

Low temperature test

Low temperature test

High temperature test

High temperature test

High and low temperature test curves

High and low temperature test curves



vibration fatigue test







Pressurize fatigue test

Fire test

Fire test

Beijing Grip Pipe coupling’s basic features:

Excellent general performance: it is suitable for metallic pipes and non-metallic pipes. And it requires nothing special on media inside the pipe, pipe thickness and end face.

Wide range of application: it not only has good using effect on standard pipes, but also is able to durably keep pressure bearing and leakage-proof of the pipes with axial displacement, angular deviation and inconsistent external diameter at the same time.

Flexible and convenient operation: the product is light, compact size and can be installed with simple tools. At the same time, with rational structure and layout, it is easy to be dismantled in a short time. Besides, it is high reusable and is easy to be maintained.

Reliable material quality that guarantees safety: dedicate structural design and good fireproofing material quality guarantee the safety when it is installed in fire forbidden and anti-explosion regions.

Products Overview

GRIP pipe couplings offer you an easy to install, time saving and money saving solution. GRIP pipe couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding. By simply butting two pipes together and connecting with a GRIP pipe coupling, space, weight , time and cost savings are achieved with every installation .

Benefits of GRIP Couplings

1. Universal use

 Compatible with any traditional jointing system

 Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials

 Quick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions

2. Reliable

 Stress-free, flexible pipe joint

 Compensates axial movement and angular deflection

 Pressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly

3. Easy handling

 Detachable and reusable

 Maintenance free and trouble free

 No time-consuming alignment and fitting work

 Easy installation technology

4. Durable

 Progressive sealing effect

 Progressive anchoring effect

 Corrosion resistant and temperature resistant

 Good resistant to chemicals

 Long service time

5. Space-saving

 Compact design for space-saving installation of pipes

 Light weight

 Needs little space

6. Fast and Safe

 Easy installation, no fire or explosion hazard during installation

 No cost for protective measures

 Absorbs vibration /oscillations 

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