About our production capacity

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Beijing Grip Pipe Tech Company limited has a strong production capacity, the factory is divided into 8 production teams: sheet metal processing, mechanical processing, mold processing, rubber production, non-standard mechanical and electrical equipment production, product assembly, product welding and product testing and others .

Sheet metal processing group: Beijing Grip has, from 20t to 250t, all kinds of stamping equipment  plate cutting equipment, bending equipment, etc;

Machining team: Beijing Grip has all kinds of high-precision machining centers, the maximum rotation diameter is 900mm, and a strong external cooperative production factory.

Mold processing team: mainly responsible for the design and production of all kinds of sheet metal mold and rubber production mold;

Rubber production team: produce all kinds of high quality seals, such as NBR, EPDM, silica gel, viton/FKM, etc

Non standard mechanical and electrical equipment production team: mainly responsible for the R&D and production of mechanical and electrical equipment with special requirements which are not commonly used in the market;

Product assembly team: responsible for the assembly of various pipe couplings and pipe connectors;

Welding team: Beijing Grip has a number of stainless steel convex spot welding equipment, including high-frequency welding machine, energy storage welding machine and AC welding machine, mainly responsible for the welding process of products;

Test team: Beijing Grip has all kinds of pressure test equipment, vibration test equipment, pulse test equipment, which are used for irregular product testing and daily product quality inspection.

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