Application of Mechanical Joints

Beijing Grip Pipe Coupling belong to slip-on type mechanical joints of pipe fitting. 

The following table indicates systems where the various kinds of joints may be accepted. However, in all cases, acceptance

of the joint type is to be subject to approval for the intended application, and subject to conditions of the approval and applicable Rules.

Application of Mechanical Joints

Systems Kind of Connections
Pipe Unions Compression
Slip-on Joints
Flammable Fluids (Flash Point ≤ 60°)
1 Cargo oil lines Y Y
2 Crude oil washing lines Y Y
3 Vent lines Y Y
Inert gas
4 Water seal effluent lines Y Y
5 Scrubber effluent lines Y Y
6 Main lines Y Y
7 Distributions lines Y Y
Flammable Fluids (Flash Point > 60°)
8 Cargo oil lines Y Y
9 Fuel oil lines Y Y
10 Lubricating oil lines Y Y
11 Hydraulic oil Y Y
12 Thermal oil Y Y
Sea Water
13 Bilge lines      
14 Water filled fire extinguishing
systems (e.g. sprinkler systems)
15 Non water filled fire extinguishing
systems (e.g. foam, drencher
16 Fire main (not permanently filled) Y Y
17 Ballast system(1) Y Y
18 Cooling water system Y Y
19 Tank cleaning services Y Y
20 Non-essential systems Y Y
Fresh Water
21 Cooling water system Y Y Y
22 Condensate return Y Y Y
23 Non-essential systems Y Y
24 Deck drains (internal) Y Y Y
25 Sanitary drains Y Y
26 Scuppers and discharge
27 Water tanks/Dry spaces Y Y
28 Oil tanks (f.p.> 60°C)(2, 3) Y Y
29 Starting/Control air Y Y N
30 Service air (non-essential) Y Y Y
31 Brine Y Y Y
32 CO2 system  Y Y N
33 Steam Y Y


Y – Application is allowed

N – Application is not allowed

Post time: Jul-15-2021
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