PRODUCTS > Couplings for pneumatic conveying tubes
  • 产品名称: Couplings for pneumatic conveying tubes
  • Model: GRIP-S
  • Size: O.D φ38.1-φ300
  • Sealing: Black SBR/Silicone/Viton.
  • SS quality: 430, 304L



  Pneumatic conveying (diluted concentration light particles) Vacuum or pressure systems

  Specification of standard couplings:

  Outside skin in stainless steel 430

  Black SBR gasket -30℃/+80℃

  Zin plated bolts

  Stainless steel 304L, conductivity strip

  Suitable for pipes O.D φ38.1-φ300

  Technical Parameter: GRIP-S 【VIEW】

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